The holidays can be a mess with decorating, shopping for gifts, and preparing the holiday dinner. But it’s time to welcome a happy mess during the holiday season: doing Christmas crafts with your toddler.

Give your toddler the gift of creativity this year by doing these 5 fun Christmas crafts that he or she will surely enjoy.

1. Christmas Tree Reverse Finger Paint Craft

Try Pure Wow’s craft suggestion for a Christmas Tree Reverse Finger Paint craft.

Make your own Christmas tree shape or have your child trace one onto a piece of construction paper. Keep the tracing mold taped to the paper while you have your toddler finger paint around the tree.

Remove the taped tree mold and you have an awesome design to hang your wall or turn into a Christmas card for family and friends.

2. Gingerbread House

Whether you purchase a gingerbread house kit or take the leap and make your own, making a gingerbread house is an awesome craft for toddlers. The best part is that it’s edible after it’s all done and once you get pictures as a keepsake.

Help your child make icing designs and carefully place gumdrops and button candy to accent the gingerbread house.

Take it a step further and make your own gingerbread people that can stand outside of the house.

3. DIY Christmas Placemat

Make Christmas dinner for your toddler extra special by creating a DIY Christmas placemat.

  • Pick up a white basketweave placemat from a local craft store.
  • Purchase acrylic paint in red, green, yellow, and other colors you may need for your chosen design.
  • Customize the placemat how you and your child want with paint, felt, and other decorations.
  • If you are painting, let it dry for at least 45 minutes before use.

Customizing Ideas

  • Snowmen in a snowy environment.
  • Santa with one of his reindeer.
  • A Christmas tree with presents underneath.
  • Gingerbread men with a gingerbread house.

4. Christmas Hand Print Crafts

You can make your toddler’s hand print into almost any Christmas character or object such as:

  • Santa Claus.
  • A snowman.
  • A reindeer.
  • A Christmas tree.
  • A penguin.

Check out Pure Wow’s post about this craft.

Be sure to write the year on the back of the craft, so you and your child can look back on it as he or she gets older.

5. Reindeer Brownies

Here’s another tasty edible craft for toddlers. Have your toddler(s) help you mix the ingredients for brownies before placing them in the oven. Once they cool, have your children help decorate the brownies to look like reindeers with pretzels for the antlers, red round chocolate candies for the nose, and eyeball candies for the eyes.

Take a look at the Cooking with My Kids blog for more information.

Help Your Toddler Get Creative This Holiday Season!

Whether an edible or a keepsake craft, make every day a fun and interactive one by doing some Christmas crafts with your toddler leading up to the holiday.